Eric on 26 Dec 2008 10:09:30 -0800

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[PLUG] dual monitors with ubuntu

This Christmas Santa Claus (disguised as my sister) delivered to me the 
second widescreen monitor that I'd been wanting.
Background: the system has both on-board video (ASUS integrated VIA 
DeltaChrome GPU) and an added PCI-e 1X video card (Diamond Radeon 
X600/X550 series).
The Diamond card uses the ATI Radeon chip(s) so I run the fglrx video 
driver to take advantage of the acceleration in the card. 

The dual monitors are working with Ubuntu 8.10 (both attached to the 
Diamond card) but, alas, without the fglrx driver.

How do I get the panel to span both screens?  There appears to be no 
setting for that under System->Preferences->Screen Resolution :-(

Also, this video card is "okay" but I'd like a better one that would 
support dual monitors AND 3-D/acceleration.  Any recommendations?  I'd 
like to not have to spend more than $100 but that's somewhat flexible 
for the right solution :-)


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