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Re: [PLUG] 8.04 to 8.10 Ubuntu-ings

On 12/27/08, jeff <jeffv@op.net> wrote:
> I have that issue where I'm typing along merrily when all of the sudden,
> the cursor hops up a paragraph or two and starts typing there (with my
> help, of course).  As I understand it, this is due to brushing the
> touchpad while typing, although I suspect it can also be caused by
> LOOKING AT the touchpad or THINKING ABOUT the touchpad while typing.
> The initial solution, something along the lines of Synaptics (not to be
> confused with Ubuntu's Synaptic pkg mgr) failed to provide relief
> because it couldn't be configured. The instructions wanted a line
> inserted into xorg.cfg, which is kinda useless in Ubuntu 8.10 due to the
> Gee Whiz Interrogative Icthyopteryx Va-Va-Va-VOOM-Video subsystem (new
> to this release).
> Look up Touchfreeze.  It's cross-platform too.  Seems to be working thus
> far (notice I qualified that thoroughly).

Install gsynaptics - you can turn off tapping, and set all your
touchpad settings - it's not persistent in xubu, so you have to do it
at each reboot.  If you want to make it persistent there is some xml
voodoo that can do it now.  If interested i can send you the links.

jim fisher

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