Art Alexion on 30 Dec 2008 07:03:12 -0800

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[PLUG] migrating to AD user with Likewise Open

I have started playing with Likewise Open for joining Linux (and Mac) 
computers to MS Active Directory domains.  Seems painless and easy, and works 
well with a new user.  The problem is how to take a local user and use those 
settings, preferably even that $HOME, for his or her AD user.

I figured I could simply copy the .configurations from the local $HOME, and 
then maybe create a group with the local-domain user pair and make sure the 
group gets owner permissions.  Except I am thinking that that, too, would be 
problematic, because once you log on as a domain user, the groups you see are 
the domain groups, not the local groups.

Ultimately, I guess, I can copy (move), chown, and forget the local user.

I found this 
which shows how to migrate from NIS, but not from a local user.

Any suggestions?

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