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[PLUG] Changing the video card in an Ubuntu workstation

I'm changing out the video card in my Ubuntu workstation and I'm curious 
as to the easiest way to make the switch and get it back up and running.

If it were windows the scenario would be:
    Open the device manager and switch to a generic SVGA driver
    replace card
    boot the system
    Install the new driver

If it were SuSE the scenario would be:
   replace card
    boot the system
    X fails leaving me in runlevel 3 (or whatever)
    run sax2, select driver and settings
    switch to runlevel 5 (or whatever)

What is the scenario for Ubuntu 8.10? (Since there is no "device 
manager", no "generic SVGA driver", no runlevel 3, and no Sax2)


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