Matthew Rosewarne on 13 Jan 2009 21:36:37 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Changing the video card in an Ubuntu workstation

On Tuesday 13 January 2009, Eric wrote:
> If it were windows the scenario would be:
>     Open the device manager and switch to a generic SVGA driver
>     shutdown
>     replace card
>     boot the system
>     Install the new driver
>     WORKS

A relatively recent *should* be able to determine your video card from 
its PCI ID and (assuming it is installed, which it probably is) load the 
correct driver.  Naturally, if you switch to a card that only works with a 
proprietary driver that isn't installed, you won't have very much luck.

> What is the scenario for Ubuntu 8.10? (Since there is no "device
> manager", no "generic SVGA driver", no runlevel 3, and no Sax2)

There are two generic drivers: "vesa" and "vga".  VGA is limited to 640x480, 
while VESA goes up to 1024x768.  These should work with any card, and 
will hopefully fall back to VESA if it can't find a real driver.

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