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[PLUG] New Linux-base Palm phone

Palm introduced the Pre at CES last week.  There has been a lot of talk about 
it on Palm lists.  The new OS, that they are calling WebOS is "cloud based" 
(I really hate that term).  It has 8 GB of internal storage, but no external 
SD type slot.  This has caused a lot of debate regarding backups and 
restores, because who wants to restore 8 GB of data over the air while 

One suggestion is the ability to restore OS, apps and configurations, while 
keeping data.

I suggested that all of the data (/home) could be on /dev/sda5, while the OS 
and apps (/) might be on /dev/sda1, and the settings (the dot files) would be 
on /dev/sda2.  You could choose to restore sda1 or sda2 while keeping sda5.  
Though normally the dot files would be in the $HOME directory, I suppose it 
wouldn't be a big deal to put them elsewhere, in another partition.  Maybe 
the scenario would be to put /home on sda2, but $HOME/data would be on 
another partition.

Is this as feasible as I think it is?

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