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Re: [PLUG] New Linux-base Palm phone

I think the Pre will be the first cell phone could equal or exceed the
features of an iphone.

Palm needs to be as developer and hacker friendly as possibly to make the
Pre a success.

The big question mark for me is good synchronization. It needs to be open
enough to make it easy for developers to write good linux synchronization
tools. Linux has a history of non-existent or problematic device

Palm also needs to provide good synchronization out of the box for Windows
and OSX users. For example, if the Pre can't sync music with iTunes out of
the box, that would be a major issue for most desktop users.

The Pre looks like a very promising device, but Palm needs to execute in
order make it a success.

> Palm introduced the Pre at CES last week.  There has been a lot of talk
> about
> it on Palm lists.  The new OS, that they are calling WebOS is "cloud
> based"
> (I really hate that term).  It has 8 GB of internal storage, but no
> external
> SD type slot.  This has caused a lot of debate regarding backups and
> restores, because who wants to restore 8 GB of data over the air while
> traveling.
> One suggestion is the ability to restore OS, apps and configurations,
> while
> keeping data.
> I suggested that all of the data (/home) could be on /dev/sda5, while the
> OS
> and apps (/) might be on /dev/sda1, and the settings (the dot files) would
> be
> on /dev/sda2.  You could choose to restore sda1 or sda2 while keeping
> sda5.
> Though normally the dot files would be in the $HOME directory, I suppose
> it
> wouldn't be a big deal to put them elsewhere, in another partition.  Maybe
> the scenario would be to put /home on sda2, but $HOME/data would be on
> another partition.
> Is this as feasible as I think it is?
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