jeff on 14 Jan 2009 06:45:02 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] New Linux-base Palm phone

Alex Valentine wrote:
> I think the Pre will be the first cell phone could equal or exceed the
> features of an iphone.

Oh, did you mean that in a GOOD way?  :)

Missing external storage, no compatibility w/existing software, and a 
keyboard that comes out on the wrong axis are pretty strong negatives 
for me.  Bigger screen is a positive.  Oh yeah, the fact that Sprint has 
the exclusive for an unknown amount of time is also fairly pertinent 
(Verizon here).

Oh well, at least I have my 700p.  If nothing else, it will allow the 
bugs to get aired before I can make a decision.

They could potentially have a winner.

I went into greater depth on my blog.

> The big question mark for me is good synchronization. It needs to be open
> enough to make it easy for developers to write good linux synchronization
> tools. Linux has a history of non-existent or problematic device
> synchronization.

I'd like nothing short of a Palm Desktop equivalent for linux THAT WORKS 
WHEN YOU PLUG IT IN.  None of the messing about with /dev/ttys0, cua or 
:usb .

Heaven forbid, some sort of xfer app that will send an mp3 to the 
storage card (the non-existent storage card, as it were).

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