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Re: [PLUG] New Linux-base Palm phone

On Wednesday 14 January 2009 09:17:21 Alex Valentine wrote:
> The big question mark for me is good synchronization. It needs to be open
> enough to make it easy for developers to write good linux synchronization
> tools. Linux has a history of non-existent or problematic device
> synchronization.
> Palm also needs to provide good synchronization out of the box for Windows
> and OSX users. For example, if the Pre can't sync music with iTunes out of
> the box, that would be a major issue for most desktop users.

There is no synchronization with the Pre.  It pulls its data from the 

Rumors are that you can plug it into a USB port and mount it as mass storage, 
but no sync.

And that is related to my question of backups and partitions.

You will be able to keep local copies of your data, but you don't sync it in 
the old Palm sense.  It works more like IMAP than HotSync.

This may be a blessing to frustrated users of kpilot, etc., but creates a lot 
of problems with backup and restore.  I just had to restore my Centro Sunday 
night when an email attachment brought the system down.  I have NVBackup set 
to do nightly backups so restoration took just 10 minutes.  You won't be able 
to do that with a Pre with no external storage.  The partition scheme that 
was my original question might work if it is feasible.

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