jeffv on 16 Jan 2009 19:52:07 -0800

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[PLUG] closed-source video drivers (and Mac dealers?)

On Fri, 16 Jan 2009 16:55:58 -0500
"Jason Stelzer" <> wrote:

> Graphics on linux is a bag nailed to the side of it.

so you don't like it then?

> But, that would take a lot of
> cooperation from a lot of extremely smart but pigheaded people.

I have no trouble imagining this.  We are a unique breed.  An individually unique breed.

> given how long we've squabbled over vi vs emacs 

as a (relative) newbie, I prefer to squabble over why we should make mousepad a default and have Kate (et al) taken out and shot.

> So why do I run linux? Because it has strong points where it cant be
> touched by anything else IMO. 

You put forth valid arguments, which are not generally tolerated here.
Can't you rant like a loon instead?  Make a few snide comments about Windows?  Take a poke at Mac users? (I had to stop picking on Macs when they went x86 and BSD but Mac *users* are still fair game :)

I have to purchase two for a remote office.  I got them to write down exactly what they want because I wouldn't know one if it fell on me.  I'm a Dell guy but for some strange reason, they won't sell me any Macs.  Who is a large, fair Mac dealer with a good reputation?  The machines will not be connected to our WAN and the office has been advised we cannot support them, so they may or may not need support.


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