Brian Vagnoni on 17 Jan 2009 12:54:39 -0800

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[PLUG] Recording Phone/Cellular Conversations Linux

I know this sounds off topic but the only way I see doing this is with Linux.

This came out of a rant of mine on another forum about how much banks suck and that they don't keep their promises. Even though banks record all phones converstaions they often find them difficult to look up when it's not in their favor. Granted it's for their protection and they have no legal or moral obligation to grant customers access to said records. I'm sure we all had a customer service rep promise us something on the phone and not have it actually happen. Unless you are an extremely diligent person and keep detailed phone logs your cause is lost without the details. 

Before you think that I'm asking you to help me do something illegal it's actually not as these records are for my own protection much like the banks. Their intention is not court evidence but for my records so I can forget the pen and paper deal while I'm driving. 

So I thought about a lot of ways to do this.

Vonage VOIP is the easiest of course from home. Network tap, wireshark and I'm there.


Go with a Softphone or other PC Based Service. Like Vonage Advanced, or Super Vonage I forget what it's called.

What is hard is over a cell phone. I have a WM 6.1 HTCxxxxx cell phone and there are issues with full duplex recording of these devices. These issues involve both hardware and software limitations. Apparently instead of the phone being a device of the WM OS it is it's own device with it's own OS. While granted this seems a dumb way to do it I'm not hear to discuss that.

So what I'm thinking about is using Skype mobile. So you say great, Skype can record phone converstaions. Yes, from the PC not not Skype mobile. Looking further Skype mobile has a proxy server feature. Now we are getting warm and where my questions begin. 

So I imagine that I could setup a proxy server on my home computer that Skype mobile will connect to. On authentication the sniffer starts running recording my conversation with said bank or other organization. 

Is my logic correct trying to do it this way?
If so would Squid work best?
Would I be better off running a Skype Server?
Would Asterisk better serve me, if so where do I start(yes I have your cookbook JP :-).

Brian you are crazy get rid of the WM phone and get either a BB, Iphone, or Palm(whines but I like my WM phone sigh). 

Other things I've looked at are Gizmo but I have no java emulator on the phone nor does the phone come with one. PPC(Pocket PC) 3rd party apps I've looked at most Audio Notes, Resco, all suffer from the limitations discussed above.


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