Brian Vagnoni on 23 Jan 2009 13:03:07 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Comcast and port 25

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From: jeff []

> Our sister work office had 2 complaints about not being able to access
> POP mail from home.  In both cases, Comcast (the remote provider) 
> claimed it was because they closed port 25 `due to spam'.
> I am a Comcast customer and haven't had any problems.
> I have heard that Comcast meters traffic and that they're simply 
> blocking the port period.  People here have stated that they can't run
> servers because of this.

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First, don't yell at me I'm just the messenger here. I don't make the rules at or write the TOS for Comcast.

If your "sister office" is actually using a residential account and hosting servers then you are in violation of your Comcast TOS(which you should consult) and they have every right to shut you down. SPAM is an excuse, you were port scanned by their security department. It happened to me and I had to upgrade to a business class account with a contract at my residence.

If you already have a business class account then there shouldn't be a problem unless you actually got blacklisted for sending SPAM. Removed the source of the SPAM and you should get un-blacklisted by most with 24 hours to 7 days. 

No use getting upset the Matrix has you Neo!!!!!

Sincerely & Good Luck.

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