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Re: [PLUG] Comcast and port 25

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> If your "sister office" is actually using a residential account and hosting servers 

Pardon my lack of clarity.
We host the servers on our lines.  People access their mail from home 
sometimes.  These particular people have Comcast as their provider.

I told them to use Comcast's smtp servers, which works for at least one 
of them thus far.  The really sad part of this is that the people with 
the laptops will have to remember to change their smtp servers.  And as 
I've mentioned, we (the entire org) do not hire for looks OR brains.  I 
had to tell their IT dept how to work around it and they have the 
unenviable task of teaching Upper Manglement how to do it.

>SPAM is an excuse, you were port scanned by their security department. 

In my case, I am a Comcast customer at home.  I have not had any 
difficulties getting anywhere on any port.  I was instructed to use the 
alternative smtp port last year due to spam, which I did.  I don't run 
any servers so they can scan me til they turn blue :)

Btw, Comcast came to work a few weeks back.  They're finally offering 
service to our block.  They think we should drop our T1's for one of 
their offerings.  And we can watch tv too.  (hold me back)

While I'm topic-wandering, Newegg has an USB tv tuner for $19.99 (from 
$50).  Got great reviews.

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