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Re: [PLUG] Verizon FiOS?

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 1:29 PM, Steve Morgan <> wrote:
> Also, if you do go for
> FiOS, make sure the tech installs the internet on the Ethernet port
> and not through the Coax (aka MOCA).  I got the Internet & TV package
> and had quite the experience getting Internet service switched over to
> the Ethernet port.  Not sure how many people out there know that you
> can get Internet over Ethernet while also getting TV over Coax.

VERY important. The routers that Verizon gives out our ActionTek's
that only have 4K for NAT tables. So if you're like me and use a lot
of p2p, or if you're sharing with a house full of people, it crashes
or is slow all the time.

In my house, I pulled out their ActionTek immediately and replaced it
with a solid router, and then I connected the Actiontek to it, and
gave it a different subnet. The TV Boxes still need the coaxial
connection from the ActionTek to get the guide, but this way only the
TV Boxes have to use it, and the rest of the network is running on a
stable router.

My coworkers got FiOS TV and internet in a house they're leasing. The
tech only ran the coaxial line, and the Actiontek crashed constantly.
They eventually ran ethernet to the fiber terminal themselves, as
Verizon would've charged them $150 to run the ethernet -- if you run
it yourself and call them, they'll enable internet through the
ethernet port for free.

As usual, Verizon's service is awesome, and their hardware is
horrible. When I had dsl, I also had to replace their crummy DSL

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