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Re: [PLUG] Sendmail and Blackberrys

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 2:17 PM, Julien Mills <julienfmills@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Since we aren't running Exchange Server and have only, at
> this point, 5 Blackberrys, I don't think it makes sense to
> get BES.  Not that I have anything against it.  I'll see
> that else I can come up with.

Definitely check out Blackberry Internet Service. Your provider (AT&T?
Sprint? Verizon?) should provide it. Basically, you'll go to their web
site, and you can set up your Blackberry in several ways:

(1) you can set it to pull from up to 10 different email accounts via
POP or IMAP. It polls about once a minute, and then pushes to the
(2) you can set up an email for the device. Something like,
"my_blackberry@sprint.blackberry.com". You can then forward from your
regular email address to avoid the one minute delay from polling, and
set your reply to address to override your "@sprint.blackberry.com"

I hope that explains it. :)


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