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Re: [PLUG] Ununtu (gnome) and a kvm

On Thursday 29 January 2009 2:07:20 pm Marty Skitch wrote:
> What kind of KVM are you using?  

Trendnet USB

> I've been using mine with two different 
> Ubuntu 8.04 systems and my work laptop running WinXP with no issues.  

The problem only seems to be with Ubuntu 8.10, It abruptly exits X when I 
switch to it.  This happens one in five switches.

> I 
> don't remember the make and model but I do know it is powered to "remember"
> the mouse and keyboard setting.  

Mine is powered by the USB connections, only.  It does remember mouse and 
keyboard settings from machine to machine.

> I have had issues with plain KVM switches 
> but they were more along the line of the computer did not recognize the
> mouse or keyboard.

That is a problem I, fortunately, don't have. ;^)

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