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Re: [PLUG] Sendmail and Blackberrys

When I ran BES and Exchange, for one reason or another, we always had to
open POP and/or IMAP, mainly because OWA was not acceptable to our CEO, who
was on the road all the time. Security is always a concern, but if you run
on non-standard ports (yes, please spare me the security through obscurity
lectures), you'll be fairly safe, especially if you run secure protocols.

What I'd recommend is to try Blackberry Internet Service for yourself with a
personal account - or a throwaway, like gmail - and see if it serves your
needs. I've found a way to get it to work for everyone I have needed to.

That said, if my client was a law firm, or the government, I'd have a very
different opinion. Consider what your company/client's exposure would be via
email without BES / truly secure email? And is it really secure at all
levels, outside of the wireless delivery? We're now down to talking
percentages and security practices, which is always a gray area.


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Yes, this is really the problem, I haven't opened up either
POP or IMAP on our mail server.  So really I guess that is
what I'll have to do it I want this to work.  I'll think about
it, how to do it and keep our mail server secure.

Just wondering ...
If one has Exchange and is running BES, do you open up your
firewall to let IMAP or POP in from the internet?

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