Joe Terranova on 5 Feb 2009 10:54:32 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] FiOS & Linux

I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that the IPs were
tied to MAC address. I think I needed to clone my Actiontek's MAC
address when I replaced routers in order to connect. I don't know how
that would work with static IPs, or multiple of them at that.

On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 1:34 PM, Bill Hance <> wrote:
> Hi John,
>  I have the ethernet from the ONT connected into a switch, and then a
> connection from the switch goes to the Actiontec.  Everything is
> working.
>  Actiontec is assigned the 1st of the 5 IP addresses I've been given.
> xx.xx.xx.58.   I can ping it from my DSL line.
>  I assign a PC my next static IP, xx.xx.xx.59.  Also assign the gateway &
> dns servers.  Connect PC to the switch.  Nothing.
>  How can I use the other 4 static IPs?
> thanks!!!
>  -Bill
>> Hi Art,
>> Verizon Gives you a Router and it hands out address via DHCP.  You could
>> hook your Linux, Mac, PC, Cell phone, Wii, Playstation, or whatever
>> device connects to an IP network.
>> I know this because I install FiOS on a daily basis.  I don't claim to
>> be a Linux expert or an expert in any field for that matter but I can
>> tell you, I'm not falling for a windows wallpaper on a Linux machine.
>> Fios techs all have a Toughbook that they can go through the
>> configuration with since the Tech Wizard we use only runs on Windows and
>> Mac.  Mail servers are pop3 & smtp so you may have to go in and config
>> Evolution or whatever you use.
>> Someone here before advised making the Verizon tech connect the router
>> via Cat5e rather than Coax.  If you plan on not using the actiontec at
>> all then this might be a good idea but for the most part Moca is fine
>> considering that it is good for 100+Mbit/s.  You could cascade another
>> router off the Action tech if you want to or cascade ours off yours.
>> Just remember that the tech is not there to do your home networking but
>> simple configurations should be no problem.
>> Plan on the tech spending the whole day at your house.  If the install
>> is simple then maybe he will be there for 4 hrs or so.  Also keep in
>> mind that we start at 8am and have to be at out garage at that time, so
>> don't expect the tech to show up at your door at 8 (unless the tech has
>> a 7am start, most don't)  The tech may have a morning meeting, then have
>> to log in and pick up their job, then stock their truck, call back their
>> customer from their last job and reorder supplies.  Also they now need
>> to travel to you location.  On the way the tech will need to stop at a
>> fiber hub and throw a fiber cross connect. this may involve an aerial
>> hub which requires that use of a ladder and some fiber cleaning and
>> possible some changing of assignments if ports are in use. So, getting
>> to your place by 9am for (8am for 7am start) would be good.
>> There are no FiOS installation techs sitting in their trucks.  I find it
>> difficult to get a triple play done in 8 hrs unless everything is easy
>> and there are no slow ups.  What I mean by this is simple loop, good
>> coax, and activation servers working properly.  There are also no FiOS
>> installation techs doing 3 - 4 installs a day (well, at least not with
>> the types of homes in this area)
>> -John
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