jeff on 5 Feb 2009 16:54:04 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Central Syslog

JP Vossen wrote:

> I think you can spend a lot of time to roll it yourself, or spent a lot 
> of money to buy something, and then spend a lot of time to configure it 
> all...

or use OSS and spend a lot of time learning and configuring.

We were discussing this at work the other day.  To a certain degree, I 
like Manage Engine's firewall log analyzer (trial).  I *guess* we could 
make something like this by sending syslog into sql and use sql for 
reporting, once we figure out the queries.  According to one of the sql 
guys at work, it's no big deal.  I suppose it would apply to syslog in 
general though.

As much as I hate `pretty', I need more than CLI syslog facilities 
provide (the ones I've tried anyway).  It baffles me that OSS people 
haven't put something like this together (or I missed it).

Rest assured that if I had any skill at all, I'd put it together and 
release it.  As it is, I get frustrated trying to operate the CLI syslog 
utilities (and I *like* the command line).

> Event logs via syslog.  Windows logs are really, REALLY ugly, verbose, 
> inconsistent and almost useless though. 

this may be my next chore.  I was trying out a few different utilities 
for Win servers but they were a PITA too.  Trying to weed through all 
the possibilities of Win errors makes one long for a full night of 
E-Harmony commercials.

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