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Re: [PLUG] FiOS & Linux

On Thu, 5 Feb 2009, Bill Hance wrote:

> I'm using the Verizon supplied
> Although with 5 static IPs, -,
> you would think they would give you a mask.

You cannot use a .248 netmask if your gateway is .1. All of the FiOS
installs I have seen the gateway is .1. If you were to use a .248 netmask
you would not be able to talk to .1 which is the gateway, hence it would
not work. In my case they assigned my ipaddresses starting at .2 so I
am able to use a .224 netmask, even though VZ told me to use .0.

> If anyone has FiOS with 5 static IPs working, I would love
> to hear about it.

What do you want to know? I do not have 5 ip addresses, I have 29
and they all work. :-)

What I did was replace the actiontec with a linksys wrt54gl running
openwrt. Assign all 29 ipaddresses to the external interface on the
linksys and then use fwbuilder and iptables to assign the addresses
and ports to the individual machines behind the firewall.

Since I only have Internet access, no fone or tv (and no taxes or additional
fees) I do not need the actiontec. If I decided to upgrade I would attach
the actiontec to the internal interface and assign it an internal address.

FWIW, I have been running this configuration for over 2 years without
a problem.

Hope this helps.


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