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Re: [PLUG] dedicating a sound card to a vm

Michael Lazin wrote:
> Hi.  I have an ubuntu Intrepid Ibex box with two sound cards.  I am running
> an XP virtual machine on it with VMPlayer.  I have an M-Audio Audiophile
> 2496 with OSS4 configured on the host.  I can't seem to get the sound
> working right in the VM using this card and OSS4.  I also have an onboard
> Intel HD audio card.  I had it disabled, but I reenabled it and hooked it up
> to a channel on a mixing board so I have both the M-Audio card and the
> onboard sound running though a stereo via a mixing board.  Is there a way to
> dedicate the onboard intel card to the virtual machine, so I can have sound
> on both the host and the VM via the mixing board?  Anyone have any pointers
> on configuring a machine to work with 2 sound cards and a VM?  Any help
> would be appreciated.  Thanks.

I'm trying to understand... you want to dedicate the onboard card to the 
VM and the 2496 to the host?  In my experience, anything that works on 
the host works on the VM (but not simultaneously).

What happens in the VM when the host sees the 2496 and you enable the 
onboard sound?

Can you get the host to see both?

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