mdecheser on 6 Feb 2009 16:25:44 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] RHEL Subscription Question

I can't provide a solid answer regarding licensing.  The primary advantages of buying into RedHat include:

- 24x7 phone support
- Remote browser-based management of systems
- Fast package repositories

Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with their support.  I choose to manage my systems in a more hands-on fashion, and I've been unable at times to connect to RedHat's repositories.

If I worked in an organization that didn't have this arbitrary requirement of enterprise support for applications/OSs, I'd probably be running CentOS, Debian, or even Slackware.

I would strongly recommend you consider CentOS from an audit perspective alone.



All, I've got another question that I can't find a solid answer to. I read through most of the EULA's I could find on RedHat's site and not a single one said that it violates the EULA the run RHEL without purchasing a subscription and updating the binaries from an external source... RPMFIND, etc... does anyone have any insight? ~Dave

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