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Re: [PLUG] OT (but not really): Tough Interview questions

I think "ridiculous" is a poor choice for a word. But I suppose it
helps if I explained the role better.

K.S said "..and a potential employer has a legitimate reason to ask."

Then again  a potential employer has a reason to ask **any** question...

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 7:26 AM, Toby DiPasquale <> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 12:37 AM, Mag Gam <> wrote:
>> Since the economy has crippled, I am certain Tech people have been
>> feeling the crunch since most of us are considered costs rather than
>> an assets. For those who have been looking for positions, I am curious
>> what are some tough technical questions you were stumped at and for
>> what position.
>> For instance, I had a client as me over the telephone:
>> What is ELF and how does it differ from other formats?  -- Unix related position
> Executable and Linking Format. Designed for the "next-gen" UNIX
> executables which allow shared libraries and dynamically loading code
> (a.out format did not allow for that). Other formats of this nature
> are PE (Windows), DWARF (embedded stuff, iPhone) or Mach-O "fat" (Mac
> OS X) binary formats.
> Having said all that, this is a spectacularly dumb question to ask.
>> What is kept in a journal of a journalized file system? -- Unix related position
> Dumb. This question has tons of levels and most people can't even tell
> you the first. Guess what, though? They all use and administer
> computers just fine without knowing it.
>> What is a poll and select? -- UNIX related position
> This is the only kind of useful question that was asked. It is pretty
> good to know the difference between the two.
>> I consider these fairly tough questions -- what do you think?
> I consider these to be pretty stupid questions. I know what ELF is
> because I was curious. I was a Linux kernel engineer for years and
> even *then* I didn't have to know that. I wouldn't want to work at a
> place that had such little clue that was asking these kinds of
> questions of its candidates.
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> Toby DiPasquale
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