Jeff Bailey on 16 Feb 2009 06:28:25 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] A small Linux victory in the workplace

Art Alexion wrote:
> We are a 99% Windows shop.  However, we have begun investing in
> nettops as loaners for travelling employees.
> We have Eees with Xandros, Ubuntu, and XP, and a Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu.
> Xandros had to go because it does not provide for multiple users, and
> the default user has administrative privileges.  So now we have Ubuntu
> and XP.
> Most of our borrowers are not technical. On Friday, our General
> Counsel, a frequent borrower asked us to reserve "one of the ones that
> isn't Windows".
> A major victory, and evidence supporting my theory that non-technical
> users more readily adapt to Linux than "power users".  The best part,
> though, is the evidence that the *prefer* Linux.
Did anyone find out what he preferred about the one that "wasn't Windows"?
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