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Re: [PLUG] A small Linux victory in the workplace

On 02/16/2009 Jeff Bailey wrote:
>> Most of our borrowers are not technical. On Friday, our General
>> > Counsel, a frequent borrower asked us to reserve "one of the ones that
>> > isn't Windows".
>> >
>> > A major victory, and evidence supporting my theory that non-technical
>> > users more readily adapt to Linux than "power users".  The best part,
>> > though, is the evidence that the *prefer* Linux.
>> >
>> >   
> Did anyone find out what he preferred about the one that "wasn't Windows"?

I plan to ask when he brings it back tomorrow.  I usually ask those 
borrowing the nettops for the first time what they thought.  They 
usually answer in general terms.  Most of the positive comments are the 
weight and battery life.  I have never had anyone who has borrowed one 
not ask for the same unit the next time they borrow, except for the Dell 

The only specific complaint I have gotten with the XP unit was touchpad 
sensitivity which is configurable.  The XP unit has a 160 GB HD, while 
the Ubuntu units have an 8 GB SSD (on which I mount /) and a 32 GB SSD 
(on which I mount /home).  I have not tested it, but suspect that the 
SSD units have superior battery life due to absence of moving parts.

Most positive comments involve a good balance of weight and size against 
a smaller keyboard.  (The Dell keyboard has gotten negative comments for 
beeing too small.)  Despite my colleagues concerns, I have never gotten 
a complaint regarding performance.  Complaints regarding configuring a 
wireless connection for a hotel seem to be platform independent.  Their 
solution usually just involves plugging in the ethernet.

Oh, and those who fancy themselves fashion-forward like the faux weasel 
skin cases.

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