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Re: [PLUG] Public Service Announcement (Really)

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 7:36 PM, Brian Vagnoni <bvagnoni@v-system.net> wrote:
> Do you work with Philadelphia Wireless? I don't mean to be a skeptic but I got really burned by Earthlink & Philadelphia Wireless. Specifically Philadelphia Wireless.
> When you say the towers are being upgraded, what exactly do you mean? Upgraded with what technology speaking? How is this system different than Earthlink?

At the 2007 Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference, the "Hot Spots
are Chilly for Free Speech" panel was excellent at analyzing how
companies such as Earthlink planned to make their money from municipal
wireless projects (as opposed to grassroots wireless mesh networking)
primarily by logging all the data of where people connect, what they
looked at, for how long, and so on, and mining that data for sale to
advertisers ala Acxiom and ChoicePoint.
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