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Re: [PLUG] Public Service Announcement (Really)

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From: James Barrett

> That is so insightful.  Say nothing about the families who scramble to
> get $10 together in order to renew their drivers licenses, or who
> can't afford to pay their gas bills because the <$1000 they get in
> charity and welfare every month is not enough to pay to heat their
> run-down under-insulated homes with the almost-broken and terribly
> inefficient furnace.  For them to pay $20 for Internet access is a
> breeze, right? 


My point being is that they are going to HAVE to spend money anyway to get an external antenna and/or AP and/or high power USB card, and/or or be forced to sit in the park in the middle of winter to use it. As well as pay to have some of this stuff installed. Even after all that still have it may or may not work. I'm not trying to be the mean SOB you are painting me to be. Just a practical one who doesn't want to see people waist money and then not have the technology work. It is far from the panacea that people make it out to be. 700MHz, 900Mhz  maybe, not 2.4GHz.

They could go to Sprint, get a device(for free) that will work anywhere in the city in my experience for $20/month and have access to that path out of poverty. If it is so important due without cable TV, a cell phone, ...etc. You act like I've never been poor, done without food, and/or struggled in life.

It's a technology that was never intended to be a WAN Technology. Most WISP's do some very special and proprietary tweaks to get that stuff to go 15km - 25km.

Real world example to further drive home my point:

Shmoocon, is a hacker con that I just attended in DC. They setup a special wireless network with commercial(not linksys, possibly Tropos) gear for the con. Assuming these folks know what they are doing and I trust that they do you couldn't pick up the Shmoocon Wi-Fi in the hotel bar just next store inside the hotel with any of our "special" gear. I happen to have a room right above the bar just next to the sky lights and used a 14dbi($60.00) patch directional and provided internet via a Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT for our crew in the bar. I personally never use the wireless network at a hacker con. It's against the the first 3 commandments of all Hack Cons:

1. Thou shall not use the wireless network.
2. Thou shall not use the wireless network.
3. HEY, Thou shall not use the wireless network, stupid!!!!! :_)

Folks act like this stuff is plug and play it's not. 

Brian Vagnoni
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> On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 11:34 PM, Brian Vagnoni
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> > My advice don't waist your time with 802.11b. Stick with just
> 802.11g support and later. People are going to have spend a little
> money as far as I'm concerned to use the service anyway. I was looking
> at some of the quotes on the website like "The internet is a path out
> of poverty". If this true, and the internet is not just a path to free
> pr0n then wouldn't you make internet access a priority in your life.
> $20/month for pay to play services like xDSL and cellular don't seem
> like a real hardship to me. I mean it's less than a dollar a day for
> access to virtually the sum of humankind's knowledge; a bargain as far
> as I'm concerned.
> >
 Sure, and they should have no problem finding
> state-of-the-art e
> > ****Slight diversion****
> >
> > Working with Open-WRT and UBNT Router Station. Fun stuff, it gives
> me something to use the Atheros 5212 mini-pci radios I pulled out of
> the PepLink Surfs I have lying around. Very cool, potential for
> channel bonding, 3 radios means that with the addition of an 802.11n
> radio I could have a dedicated radio for 802.11b, 802.11g, and
> 802.11n. Therefore no performance hit for users connecting via
> 802.11b.
> >
> >
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