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[PLUG] Bootable USB + Emulator support + Persistance + Encryption


I've got a nice fast 32GB USB thumbdrive and would like to have a portable Linux environment. I'd like to either boot the environment or be able to run it in a emulator (QEMU/Vmware) from Windows without reboot. Persistance required, and whole disk encryption would be nice
but I can't seem to find how to do all (4).

Ubuntu can create a bootable USB, but no QEMU or encryption.
QEMU recipies don't generally support encryption.
If I install in an encrypted LVM setup, I don't see how to support an emulator.

I tried QEMU/ KQEMU with Ubuntu 8.10 and it was unbearably slow in Vista. ( Core 2 Duo with 4G ) is this normal ? I know Vmware Player would run it at almost normal speed.

Has anyone come up with a general portable USB solution ?


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