jeff on 19 Feb 2009 21:32:10 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Bootable USB + Emulator support + Persistance + Encryption

Lee Marzke wrote:
> OK,
> I've got a nice fast 32GB USB thumbdrive and would like to have a 
> portable Linux
> environment. 

In the abstract, you don't need much more than 1G to make it functional.
Don't forget to forget the swap file.

> I tried QEMU/ KQEMU with  Ubuntu 8.10 and it was unbearably slow in 
> Vista. ( Core 2 Duo with 4G )
> is this normal ?    I know Vmware Player would run it at almost normal 
> speed.

No virtualization under Vista experience.  VMPlayer under XP and linux 
runs flawlessly for me.  XP behaves much better in a VM for me.

> Has anyone come up with a general portable USB solution ?

I haven't used it much, but there has been a solution for persistent 
bootable linux for a while.  IIRC, it's  There are 
all sorts of instructions for creating bootable linux drives, persistent 
or not.  I made an Ubuntu 8.04 that works fine and is persistent.  I 
intend to play with it a little more but it seems ok.

Haven't done encryption on usb yet, although Truecrypt works great 
otherwise.  I'd prefer to boot to linux via the usb drive than use an 
emulator but ymmv.

Good luck.

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