Art Alexion on 20 Feb 2009 03:45:10 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Bootable USB + Emulator support + Persistance + Encryption

On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 12:32 AM, jeff <> wrote:
> Lee Marzke wrote:

>> I tried QEMU/ KQEMU with  Ubuntu 8.10 and it was unbearably slow in
>> Vista. ( Core 2 Duo with 4G )
>> is this normal ?    I know Vmware Player would run it at almost normal
>> speed.
> No virtualization under Vista experience.  VMPlayer under XP and linux
> runs flawlessly for me.  XP behaves much better in a VM for me.

I don't have any vista experience either, but a Linux host with XP
guest, the XP guest runs at near native speed with KVM and an AMD 64
5000+ Black processor and 3.2 GB RAM.

Are you saying that you are running kqemu with Vista as the host?

>> Has anyone come up with a general portable USB solution ?
> I haven't used it much, but there has been a solution for persistent
> bootable linux for a while.  IIRC, it's  There are
> all sorts of instructions for creating bootable linux drives, persistent
> or not.  I made an Ubuntu 8.04 that works fine and is persistent.  I
> intend to play with it a little more but it seems ok.

I played with Debian live (which is in the Ubuntu repos).  Lots of
preconfigured combos, or roll your own.


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