Lee Marzke on 20 Feb 2009 20:37:39 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Bootable USB + Emulator support + Persistance + Encryption

Art Alexion wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 12:32 AM, jeff <jeffv@op.net> wrote:
>> Lee Marzke wrote:
>>> I tried QEMU/ KQEMU with  Ubuntu 8.10 and it was unbearably slow in
>>> Vista. ( Core 2 Duo with 4G )
>>> is this normal ?    I know Vmware Player would run it at almost normal
>>> speed.
>> No virtualization under Vista experience.  VMPlayer under XP and linux
>> runs flawlessly for me.  XP behaves much better in a VM for me.
> I don't have any vista experience either, but a Linux host with XP
> guest, the XP guest runs at near native speed with KVM and an AMD 64
> 5000+ Black processor and 3.2 GB RAM.
> Are you saying that you are running kqemu with Vista as the host?

Well, I installed KQEMU on Vista, and tried running an Ubuntu 8.10
on the USB stick, and it took 10 min to just boot.   The same USB device
booted directly works fine.

I suspect the acceleration isn't working, because the graphical desktop
is what was really slow to load.  I've notice the new releases of 
are only supporting XUbuntu not the other desktops,  so I was wondering
if graphics was generically slow under QEMU from a USB.

I'm not tied to Vista,  it's just the only Windows OS I have available 
on physical
hardware right now,  everything else is Ubuntu.

>>> Has anyone come up with a general portable USB solution ?
>> I haven't used it much, but there has been a solution for persistent
>> bootable linux for a while.  IIRC, it's pendrivelinux.com.  There are
>> all sorts of instructions for creating bootable linux drives, persistent
>> or not.  I made an Ubuntu 8.04 that works fine and is persistent.  I
>> intend to play with it a little more but it seems ok.
> I played with Debian live (which is in the Ubuntu repos).  Lots of
> preconfigured combos, or roll your own.

Yes, I've tried all the Ubuntu options,  and puppyLinux and others.

They all  address  one of ( USB boot, or emulator boot )
and  one of  ( noencrypt,  or  LUKS  or TrueCrypt   encryption )
and possibly add persistance.

Lot of recipies here:  But none of them cover the case I want.

Since I have the space available, I guess I don't need the squashfs,  I 
can just
install to normal partitions,  and have persistance normally.    The means
encrypted LVM should also work,    syslinux boot should work,  and QEMU
should work.     I just didn't want to have to figure all this out 
myself and
thought someone would have done this already.

My requirements:
1. Boot USB  for speed if possible,  otherwise boot inside windows using 
    or KQEMU with admin rights on the box.  
2. Use Encryption ,  encrypted LVM , or at least  encrypted home+swap.

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