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Re: [PLUG] Bootable USB + Emulator support + Persistance + Encryption

On Friday 20 February 2009 23:37:30 Lee Marzke wrote:
> Well, I installed KQEMU on Vista, and tried running an Ubuntu 8.10
> on the USB stick, and it took 10 min to just boot.   The same USB device
> booted directly works fine.
> I suspect the acceleration isn't working, because the graphical desktop
> is what was really slow to load.  I've notice the new releases of
> pendriveLinux
> are only supporting XUbuntu not the other desktops,  so I was wondering
> if graphics was generically slow under QEMU from a USB.
> I'm not tied to Vista,  it's just the only Windows OS I have available
> on physical
> hardware right now,  everything else is Ubuntu.

If acceleration isn't working on a Linux host, you get a command line 
complaint.  I have no idea what kind of error reporting you get with Vista.  
Does it have an event log like XP or the windows servers?

I can tell you that QEMU with kernel virtualization is very fast for me, but 
without the kernel modules working, it is unacceptably slow.

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