jeff on 22 Feb 2009 11:18:43 -0800

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[PLUG] grub or hosed?

Yesterday I hit play and the laptop seized (YouTube).  Had to be 
manually powered off.  Upon reboot, I got grub error 17.  Most Google 
references said to dl Super Grub Disk, which I did.

That seemed to fail pretty miserably.  The best I got was to change the 
error to 21.  Google references to 21 were the same: dl SGD.

Couldn't mount either partition.  For fun, I tried fsck (and forgot 
`-y', which made things more interesting).  After that, I could mount 
one partition (/HOME) but not the other (/THE OS).

Given the choice, I'd rather the OS partition be taken out but actually 
I'd rather NEITHER get hosed.

I'm about to reinstall Xubuntu, as I can't seem to repair the partition.
Are there any other things to try instead?  I figured whatever it is 
will take longer and have less chance of success than reinstalling.  I 
suppose I could dd off-disk just in case..


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