jeff on 24 Feb 2009 13:14:35 -0800

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[PLUG] errant drive and Spinrite

Thanks to all the people who responded.  Due to the overwhelming concern 
  voiced about the condition of the drive, I stopped Spinrite and 
mounted the still good store, backing up the data.

I'm here to tell you how right you were.  It actually failed during the 
backup.  Partitions still register but I can't mount them, where I used 
to be able to mount /HOME.  I hope I got most of it.

Meanwhile, back to Spinrite.  Maybe I can save some more of the drive.
The noise is driving me nuts so I emailed GRC.  It is supposed to make 
noise, which can only be quieted via a QUIET switch, requiring redoing 
the boot disk.

I can halfway understand system sounds, even though I can't stand them. 
  Spinrite noises are constant and inexcusable.  I got a polite request 
from my wife and a houseguest to move the laptop  where they couldn't 
hear it.

To GRC's credit, they emailed me the answer in minutes.
I think I can get the disk replaced under warranty from Dell, once I get 
any info backed up and nuked.

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