jeff on 24 Feb 2009 18:28:20 -0800

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[PLUG] who's managing the manager?

I use XFCE.  For some reason, some extremely poorly behaved app caused 
GNOME to want to own my desktop.  Every time it starts, there's the 
GNOME bloody desktop.  When I tell XFCE to manage the desktop, I get a 
note that if I don't want XFCE managing the desktop next time, do not 
save settings on quitting.

I have tried saving, not saving, and saving while standing on my left 
leg on Wednesdays (only), but XFCE doesn't seem to want to start.

I went online and checked XFCE's docs but nothing seems correct.  I 
checked xinitrc but it doesn't seem relevant and is never where it's 
supposed to be anyway.

I know from past experience (don't ask me how) that it's not a good idea 
to remove GNOME pieces.  I have even been in and out of the relevant 

Not like it's the biggest problem I have now, but curiosity... killed 
the geek.

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