Mark M. Hoffman on 26 Feb 2009 10:27:06 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] mini-HOWTO: mp3fs

Hi Art:

* Art Alexion <> [2009-02-26 12:51:09 -0500]:
> Unless it somehow persists in memory after the first conversion, it seems it 
> will have to transcode the flac files every time you access it for loading on a 
> media player.

The mp3 does not persist in memory after the file is closed.

> I don't think it is meant for driving streaming audio, just the media player 
> thing.
> Amarok has a transcode plugin that provides this function as well.  I have no 
> idea which is more efficient.  I sometimes use the transcode script to load OGG 
> files on a iPod as the iPod only plays MP3 or AAC (and some other Apple 
> formats.)  The mp3fs doesn't seem to handle sources other than FLAC.  I assume 
> it can be tweaked.

Actually, it cannot.  It looks like other formats are on the TODO list though.


Mark M. Hoffman

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