Art Alexion on 27 Feb 2009 04:36:50 -0800

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[PLUG] Administering a window file server with Linux

Yesterday, when logging in to tty3, I learned that our main file
server was at 87% of hard disk usage. We knew there was a lot on there
which shouldn't be. One culprit was the result of directories
remaining from long departed employees. How to sort them out?

Windows explorer for NTFS reports a folder modified date that reflects
the last time the folder itself was created or moved. Not helpful.  I
know that Linux file managers reflect the last time the *contents* of
that directory were modified.  But what does NTFS store?

I mounted the user shares smb/cifs in Linux and took a peek in
nautilus. Sure enough, the modified date followed th Linux convention,
reflecting the last time the contents were modified. Sorting on that
field, we were able to flag zombie folders without guessing who was
still employed or what was in use by others.


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