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Re: [PLUG] X on Ubuntu 8.10

I haven't (intentionally) switched users. I just noticed this because
I switched to tty3 to check something and found that when I swithed
"back" to tty7, I got the end of the init run from booting, with X on

Googling got me lots of stuff about switching users and running OpenGL
games on tty8, but nothing seemingly related to my issue.

For the past month or so I have had a problem on two separate
machines, and I wonder of this may relate to the tty issue. One box is
kubuntu 8.04 and the other ubuntu 8.10. After running updates, I get
an error every time I enter a password. Logging into k/gdm, unlocking
the screen, running aptitude from an xterm, etc. For logging in and
unlocking, it is just a tiny message box that says "Error" with an OK
button. In the console, it just prints Error on a line before it
proceeds with its work.

I remember an update a while back which caused it to complain, every
time I authenticated, that it could not resolve "splendid" (the local
host name). Editing the host file fixed it that time. This time, it is
more simply, "Error".

Related to the tty8 thing?

On 2/26/09, Matt Mossholder <> wrote:
> ----- "Alex Launi" <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 11:46 AM, Art Alexion <
>> > wrote:
>> Something is wrong with your system. The only distro as far as I know
>> to mess with what tty X runs on is Fedora 10 who put it on tty1 to
>> give a flickerless boot process. Every Ubuntu I've ever used (6.06 -
>> 9.04) has had X on tty7. I think there are some errors that can cause
>> X to start on a tty other than 7, but I forget what they are; ask
>> Google.
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>> --Alex Launi
> Fast User Switching can also cause X to be on multiple different VTs.
>      --Matt
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