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Re: [PLUG] FAT conflicts?

Actually, you have your history wrong. MS bought the rights to something called QDOS (Quick & Dirty OS), which was a reverse engineer of Digital Research's C/PM. MS licensed their DOS to IBM, which was called PC-DOS. DR. DOS was Digital Research's (thus the DR) attempt to get back in the game with a DOS compatible OS after C/PM was buried by MS/PC DOS. IBM and MS later collaborated on a 2nd generation OS called OS/2, until MS screwed IBM, backed out of the development and released Windows. That was a shame, as OS/2 was a pretty good OS.


Mar 2, 2009 06:53:24 AM, wrote:


On Monday 02 March 2009 05:49, Bob Schwier wrote:

> Didn't the older non-MS DOS's like Dr. DOS use fat?
> Seems like one could not suddenly decide that something is patented that
> has been in the public domain for 25 years.

Yes, I had forgotten about DR. DOS. That is the old IBM DOS system from which
MS bought the rights. Maybe their lawyers can make this point?



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