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Re: [PLUG] Slow samba on Ubuntu 8.10?

On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 12:51 PM,  <jazzman@exdomain.org> wrote:
> I have a 2+ghz Dell Optiplex gx280 tower with 512mb of ram that I use as a
> file server (same shares, shared printer, etc) for the house. Up until
> this weekend I had been running Ubuntu 7.04 on it, but that was EOL
> recently and I just got a new 1tb drive, so I thought I'd just reinstall a
> fresh ubuntu and put 8.10 on there since it's the "latest and greatest".
> I already had a few issues that annoy me, but I can tolerate. The login
> screen (gdm) insisted on using the largest possible font unless I added
> "-dpi 96" to my gdm.conf file on a certain line. By far though, so far,
> the most annoying issue I have is that connecting to samba shares is SLOW
> (as much as 20+ seconds on a gigabit network). Once I'm connected to the
> share things are ok, but that initial open takes a long time.

I see the same on Ubuntu 8.04 as a server.

> The scenario is this:
> XP machine is the client
> Ubuntu 8.10 is the server
> On XP I go to Start->Run and type "\\vault\marc" to access my home
> directory share and then I count to 20 or so until the window pops us. It
> was never this slow when using Ubuntu 7.04. I checked the config file from
> my old install and there isn't anything significantly different.
> Any ideas on what it could be? Any tips on speeding up samba? Any opinions
> on Ubuntu 8.10 in general?  I've read some not so good things lately, so
> I'm considering dropping down to 8.04.

I see the same slow browsing, altho it's not 20 seconds. Closer to
like 3 to 5 seconds, and faster, on a 100M wired network. Haven't
found a solution.

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