jazzman on 9 Mar 2009 09:08:26 -0700

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[PLUG] Slow samba on Ubuntu 8.10?

I have a 2+ghz Dell Optiplex gx280 tower with 512mb of ram that I use as a 
file server (same shares, shared printer, etc) for the house. Up until 
this weekend I had been running Ubuntu 7.04 on it, but that was EOL 
recently and I just got a new 1tb drive, so I thought I'd just reinstall a 
fresh ubuntu and put 8.10 on there since it's the "latest and greatest".

I already had a few issues that annoy me, but I can tolerate. The login 
screen (gdm) insisted on using the largest possible font unless I added 
"-dpi 96" to my gdm.conf file on a certain line. By far though, so far, 
the most annoying issue I have is that connecting to samba shares is SLOW 
(as much as 20+ seconds on a gigabit network). Once I'm connected to the 
share things are ok, but that initial open takes a long time.

The scenario is this:

XP machine is the client
Ubuntu 8.10 is the server

On XP I go to Start->Run and type "\\vault\marc" to access my home 
directory share and then I count to 20 or so until the window pops us. It 
was never this slow when using Ubuntu 7.04. I checked the config file from 
my old install and there isn't anything significantly different.

Any ideas on what it could be? Any tips on speeding up samba? Any opinions
on Ubuntu 8.10 in general?  I've read some not so good things lately, so
I'm considering dropping down to 8.04.

Thanks in advance

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