George Langford on 12 Mar 2009 07:11:31 -0700

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[PLUG] How to make full use of a 1680x1050 monitor in debian

Needed a new monitor to replace a CRT monitor ... had a Syncmaster  
712N ... looked it
up oneBay - none for sale (other folks must agree that it's a great  
monitor).  Therefore
went out and bought another Syncmaster, this time a 2253BW.  Solved  
the process of
getting the native resolution by editing the choice of screen  
resolutions in xorg.conf.  OK
so far.

Now to the point of this posting: How to I open two documents at once,  
side by side,
so I can compare, edit, etc. between the two ?  I know I can do it by  
resizing the open
windows manually, but is there a more elegant way, analogous to using  
twin monitors ?

My laptop has a 1024x768 screen, and half of 1680 is 840x1050, even  
better than the
laptop (standing on edge) so I'm pretty sure I could read the text on  
the side-by-side
windows, but how to get 'em that way ?  Google hasn't been any help,  
nor have many
searches at been fruitful.

My applications for the twin windows are IceApe Composer and's
Writer module.

George Langford

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