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Re: [PLUG] Bandwidth Shaping

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Will Dyson wrote:
> The previously mentioned OpenWrt is a good candidate. Despite being
> designed with the needs of small routers in mind, it works fine on
> regular x86 hardware (although the docs do not focus on this). Has
> both a built-in web-UI and an alternate set of web-UI packages
> ( Both web-UIs make some attempt to handle the
> setup of traffic shaping (I've only evaluated the built-in LuCI one,
> and its shaping component could be better).

i haven't tried openwrt's default GUI, but i probably ought to at some
point since i'm presenting on openwrt in april. X-WRT i'm fairly happy
with, however (provided i even need a webgui. it's mostly there for the
"ooh" and "ahh" effect of others).

however, uci (and luci) are a nightmare, imho, so i usually stick with
my tried-and-true shorewall.

in addition, X-WRT's shaping interface (as long as you're in the
advanced mode) suffices nicely. plus it's great to be able to go to a
walmart or best buy, pick up a $40 router, and use it for vpn,
traffic-shaping, etc. etc. (but i'm getting ahead of myself, just come
to one of my upcoming presentations. hehe)

if you're building an x86 network appliance (and preferrably have a full
 box instead of just a mini-box like mini-itx or soekris) and prefer
GNU/Linux over *BSD (i generally don't; i prefer openBSD) then shorewall
is your best bet. it can do nice shaping stuff too:

> I also like (and have more experience with) the FreeBSD-based PFSense
> ( Its web-UI is more mature than OpenWrt's,
> especially in the area of firewall and shaping configuration. FreeBSD
> also features CARP
> (, which seems
> like a very good feature for this sort of equipment.

i DO like pfsense for my embedded x86 devices, it's clean and well
assembled. i would like to see them work on support for other
architectures though- pfsense on a wrt would be pretty nice.
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