James Barrett on 23 Mar 2009 17:52:44 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Linux Home VPN How To

To begin, one question your friend might want to ask his/herself: 'Who
am I trying to inform?'

Would the target audience be "any average person who wants to travel
overseas and look at web sites without detection"?  Something tells me
that the average person doesn't care at all about who monitors their
internet use when they are traveling, or even when they are at home.
Even if they did, I sincerely doubt that many average people would
care enough to go through so much hassle just for the privilege to
surf securely while they are traveling.  If the target audience is a
somewhat savvy techie group, then I concur with what Stephen said,
earlier.  Moving along...

"That being said don't do anything you wouldn't normally do on your
home connection."

Some people go to foreign countries in order to do things they aren't
able to do at home, like ...

"Hacking secured government servers is definitely a no-go."

Er, well... I was actually thinking more along the lines of visiting
exotic locations and tasting food that would normally never be
available at home, but to each their own!

"As an added benefit if you are in an area that blocks services like
Hulu but hey don't get blocked at home, it will now be available ... "

Most people have residential DSL or cable connections.  Bear in mind
that these home internet connections typically have low upstream
bandwidth.  It would be best to reconsider these sorts of everyday
constraints before publishing a final copy.

It is hard to ignore the large number of screenshots included with
this draft document.  I have found, through experience, that it is
better to explain general details of what needs to be changed in lieu
of providing a selection of images that show those changes.  Being
clearly descriptive will provide interesting reading material.  It
will also help exercise the writer's mind.

Finally, your friend did not place his or her name on the document.
All I found as a signature was a spam-scrambled email address and what
appears to be an IRC nick or some other sort of handle.  I did not
search for a full first and last name, but then again I shouldn't have
had to.  If they were proud of the writing, they should have at least
put their first name.

James Barrett

2009/3/23 Brian Vagnoni <bvagnoni@v-system.net>:
> A friend is looking for peer review on his VPN How To. I assured
> him he would get an excellent critique; please don't disappoint.
> http://www.frontiernet.net/~beakmyn/vpn%20howto/Complete%20Home%20VPN%20Howto%20Guide.html
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