Christian Betz on 30 Apr 2009 15:29:30 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] The state of ATI vs. nVidia on Linux

here is my executive summary:

* ATI drivers (both open and closed) are terrible. Hopefully this
changes someday but don't hold your breath.
* If you already have a motherboard with an integrated radeon chip and
don't want to buy an nvidia card (or you are an open source zealot),
then I wish you luck (see below)
* If you are not a gamer, I highly recommend a motherboard with an
integrated *intel* graphics chip. their graphics drivers are open
source AND high quality. unfortunately these chips are only available
on a motherboard right now(or laptop).
* if you are a gamer, go with high-end nvidia card.
* if you are not a gamer, go with a cheapo nvidia card (I picked up a
GeForce 7600GS for $45 including shipping and am very pleased so far).

the back story:

I also bought a motherboard with integrated ATI chip (radeon HD 3200).
It is absolutely WORTHLESS under Linux (ubuntu). You can't even watch
a DVD without it flickering and in my experience the stability was
terrible (i.e. system crashes/lockups). After spending days (!)
fighting with all the various (open/closed) and latest drivers,  I
threw in the towel and bought a geforce card for less than $50. I
*highly* recommend this course of action if you are stuck with a board
with an integrated radeon chip.

As much as I want to support ATI (and punish nvidia), I want a working
system with a modern 3d desktop and full screen video even more.

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