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Re: [PLUG] -- Mostly-OT -- Mythbuntu & Comcast channels?

----- "Brian Vagnoni" <> wrote:

> I ran into the same problem here in Philly and yes it's very annoying.
> My new TV does PiP but only between either a cable or and air source.
> So I either have to get 2 cable boxes(not out of the question), or get
> an external antenna and pick up DTV signals that way with the built in
> digital tuner. 
> Personally for me the jury is still out with OTA DTV. Most folks don't
> realize you really need a different type of roof antenna to get really
> good reception. Preferably direction and adjustable. There could
> actually be money made selling and installing digital roof antennas if
> you don't mind heights.
> Before with Analog TV at least you got something of a picture, with
> digital it's either there or it's not. I find the pixelization, and
> the dropping in and out of sound more vexing than the snow and the
> static.

Keep in mind that the Digital OTA signals we are seeing today aren't necessarily the same ones you will be getting after the transition. I don't know about Philadelphia in particular, but I have been hearing a lot of talk about stations being able to A) move their transmitters higher up the masts, and B) put more power into the transmission, once the conversion has finished. Hopefully it will mean better OTA for everyone in the area.

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