JP Vossen on 21 Jun 2009 12:19:09 -0700

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[PLUG] Unwanted laptop suspend

I'm having an odd problem with my Dell Mini9 running (non-Dell) Ubuntu 
9.04 LPIA.  I have it set as follows:

System --> Prefs --> Power Management --> On AC Power tab"
	Put computer to sleep:	never
	Lid closed:		blank screen
	Display to sleep:	40 mins
	Brightness:		100%
	Dim when idle:		checked

Yet, when I leave it for a while (not sure how long, 1+ hour at least) 
and come back I find it asleep.  I've restarted acpi, acpi-support, and 
hal, which did not help.  I have not logged out/back in or rebooted 
(what is this, Windows?).

This is annoying because it takes it a while to reconnect to my Wireless 
AP (circa 2006 Comcast Actiontec; but WRT-54GL on order) and because it 
just plain shouldn't do that.

Any other ideas?

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