Chad V on 9 Jul 2009 06:29:44 -0700

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[PLUG] auto mail sender


I've been searching for a particular application with not so much
luck.  I'm hoping somebody on this list will know of a possible

I'm looking for software that is similar in function to Auto Mail
Sender by TriSun Software.
The software can be Linux thick client or (even better) web based.

1. Send e-mail automatically at any time and frequency.
2. Be able to attach files to the e-mails (PDF, DOC, etc)
3. Configure a SMTP server to send the mail through (with authentication).

My client uses Auto Mail Sender now to send either a repeating
personalized e-mail to a customer or send a Word Doc or PDF containing
a fax cover letter and 1 fax page through a e-mail to fax service
(repeated on a weekly basis).  They are not concerned with mail
merging and don't mind copy/pasting the e-mail text from AMS to
something else.  They want to move away from it because sometimes it
screws up and combines e-mails that are for different recipients into
1 big 20-30 page e-mail or fax to one recipient.

I'm not looking for a "bulk" e-mail sender to broadcast 1 e-mail to
many people.  It will be used to write one e-mail or attach 1 file,
address it to one person and schedule it to repeat.  Then repeat this
process 500-1000 times.

I know I could write up something that works for on the command line,
but these are non-technical people and need some kind of GUI.

Any ideas?  I'm slowing looking through projects on sourceforge, but
no luck so far.

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