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Re: [PLUG] Gnome/KDE recommendations for wireless kbd/mouse

Casey Bralla wrote:
> I've got an aging Logitech wireless mouse.  As far as I know, a wireless 
> mouse/keyboard should look identical to any other keyboard/mouse, so the 
> notion of "Linux compatible" should be a non-sequitor

Ah yes, I was not clear about that... when I said "plays well" I was referring 
to the "extra" keys (sometimes referred to as "multi-media" keys) on the 
keyboard.  Getting these keys on the S 510 to work with either KDE or Gnome has 
always been a hassle they did not work at all for the first couple of years I 
had these keyboards.  Every keyboard "hotkeys" package or utility simply ignored 
the S 510 or specifically said that it would not work.  Finally, I got them 
mostly working in Ubuntu 8.10.

I guess my /real/ question is does anybody have a _favorite_ wireless keyboard & 
mouse combination?  If so, please relate what it is and why it's your favorite.

I really like the Logitech S 510 because of it's low profile, light weight, low 
cost, and reasonably long battery life.  I dislike it because of the left-right 
click feature of the scroll wheel which I accidentally invoke when trying to 
"middle" click the mouse.  I tried to "fix" this "feature" on one of my mice by 
the judicious use of an exacto knife and small amounts of RTV silicone.  This 
MAY explain why the left-click is now an automatic double-click about 10% of the 
time :-(  I spilled coffee on one of the keyboards about 18 months ago.  It 
cleaned up rather well but some keys did not work for several months.  Then, in 
a real surprising turn of events, they all worked just fine but the "u" is now 
hyper-sensitive.  I fiund extra uu's in all soruts uof placesu.

I guess I need to stop futzing around trying to customize or fix the keyboards 
and mice and just replace them... which is what prompted this post in the first 
place :-)


> On Thursday 09 July 2009 5:05:35 pm Eric wrote:
>> Does anyone have a recommendation for a wireless keyboard and mouse that
>> plays well with Gnome/KDE/
>> I own TWO identical wireless keyboard and mouse combinations - the Logitech
>> Model "S 510".  They have a nearly ideal keyboard layout for me, are
>> wireless (and in case of the mouse optical as well) and don't cost an arm
>> and a leg.
>> Even so, they are starting to wear out (operational issues cropping up) and
>> the media keys have never played very well with Gnome and/or KDE.
>> What are others using and/or recommending??
>> Thanks,
>> Eric

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