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Re: [PLUG] New Macbooks

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> zuzu wrote:
> > You can replace it yourself, just that you need screwdrivers.  So
> it's
> > not "replaceable" mid-flight, but it's replaceable at home.  Expect
> > $80 (or less) batteries you can buy from Hong Kong on eBay and then
> > follow a step-by-step pictorial guide from iFixIt, when 2-3 years
> from
> > now you'd rather change the battery than buy a new 8-core MacBook
> Pro
> > with 4TB storage and 32GB of RAM.
> ...that 4TB will be solid state, the entire system with 17" LED
> powered screen 
> will weigh less than 24  ounces and it will run for 20+ hours straight
> between 
> charges ( or a minimum of two weeks with the fuel cell option.)
> Oh, it will do your laundry too!
> Eric
> [seriously, the advances in technology are simply amazing.  A current
> MacBook is 
> a perfect example... it simply could not have existed a short time
> ago.]
> [eh, just kidding about the laundry]
> [but, will it run Linux? :-D ]
> -- 
> #  Eric Lucas

You forgot the most important new feature of the future Mac Book Pro......
It will have an OSS version of a human liver :-)

I'm use to Dell notebooks and being able to rip them apart and pretty much replace/upgrade any component I want, myself. The idea of not being able to change out a battery myself is a little spooky. I'm pretty hard on most batteries despite the fact I try and plug in where ever I go. I wonder how the I-Phone batteries are holding up, also not removable? I'm on my third Dell E1705 battery, and I'm going to order another one for my HP tx2500z. Purchasing direct from Dell and HP that's about $500 all told just for batteries. All for notebooks that aren't 3 years old yet. I thought about doing one of those universal brick/slab type batteries but again don't know all that much about them. The universals are also very expensive.

Apple's are a significant financial investment when compared with many devices these days. I hope the hype matches the reality. I imagine if it can be replaced in say Best Buy by a "mac genius", that I could do it at home myself provided I could get the part and not void my warranty(as much fun as that is) in the process. 

I do like the like that idea from a environmental stand point of battery disposal at a central location, e.g. the point of repair. I wonder if companies like Best Buy or Micro Center actually dispose of them properly or just throw them out in the daily garbage like most. 
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